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About Apothecary Vintage

Apothecary Vintage began with the thrill of the hunt. It offered me a different experience from regular shopping. Seeing the same styles everywhere was boring and it didn't allow me to express myself. It was the mix of repetitive fashion and seeing other vintage stores up-charge quadruple the original price the piece was purchased at. So Apothecary Vintage was created to share my unique finds with others (at an affordable price) and it allows me to continue the never-ending hunt for beautiful vintage and/or one of a kind pieces!

About Apothecary 13 



I created Apothecary Thirteen with the intention of helping others in the craft; to make it easier for you to focus on your own goals and your own intentions while I take on the forging of beautiful stones, herbs, affirmations, and spells. When I began my spiritual journey I quickly learned it was very time consuming gathering every herb, researching every stone, and incense required for specific spell work. I started putting together kits for myself for specific occasions and it became very convenient when it was time to cast. It then grew and I found myself putting together small kits as gifts for family and friends.  This lead to the opening of my small shop, Apothecary 13 your one-stop spell shop with everything you need in one box!

Why Buy Vintage?
Buying vintage is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint in the fashion world. By purchasing recycled garments you help decrease the need for production of additional items, in turn reducing the amount of waste in landfills. 
Popularity with thrifting has increased because not only are vintage clothes usually made with higher quality material but because vintage pieces are so unique, it allows people to find their own sense of style. Vintage pieces are a great talking piece and it's always fun to express yourself through fashion. It is my hope that I get to help you with that, Apothecary Vintage.

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